NSE controversy – Part 2

This article on mint talks about the response of NSE on allegations about which I have written in this blog here. NSE in its response has completely refuted all allegations against it that it favored few brokers over others. "“NSE’s response is rather comprehensive; they have refuted allegations of collusion. They have highlighted that they did … Continue reading NSE controversy – Part 2



This is an interesting article on corruption in mint. "Kakha Bendukidze, whose reforms took the nation of Georgia from the 124th place in Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index in 2003 to 50th place today, recalled in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Fedorin that he once attended a RAND Corporation-organized US-Russian business forum, attended by … Continue reading Corruption

“River Crossing” in Mutual Funds

This economic times article talks about "river crossing" in mutual funds. "River crossing, or parking or holding period return, is a rampant practice, which takes place mostly at the financial year end when mutual funds connect with cash-rich entities to tide over redemption pressure. Regulators normally consider the practice imprudent since it raises investor risk." … Continue reading “River Crossing” in Mutual Funds

Cheating small investors in Mutual Funds

This old article describes a way in which mutual fund distributors  and large investors collude to exploit small investors. Luckily SEBI has taken some measures to reduce this though. "If the MF has spent 5% of the new fund raised towards the above expenses, effectively only Rs 95 of every Rs 100 will be available … Continue reading Cheating small investors in Mutual Funds