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  1. This article talks about the corporate governance issues in Rocket Internet group. It throws light on how pathetic the corporate governance systems are in India. I think this is more of a norm rather than an exception. This problem is not only exclusive to startups as we have seen in recent Cyrus Mistry ouster from the Tata Sons board and interference of Narayan Murty in Infosys. It’s ironic that these companies are considered to be the better lot among the Indian companies with good business practices. I hope Sebi focuses more on implementing the existing rules efficiently rather than creating new regulations. The responsibility not only lies with Sebi but with investors too. For this, the Indian investors should start demanding the companies for better corporate governance mechanisms and punish companies who don’t meet the standards. This is the only way through which real long lasting change can be brought.
  2. These two articles (one, two) in Valueresearchonline website provide tips to get information about their investments and taxes paid easily.
  3. I am personally a Hillary Clinton fan, so I am disappointed to see her lose the US presidential elections. A lot of people have already started dissecting the various causes for president – elect victory. However, Baseline Scenario is the first blog I have come across which has an article based on numbers.The diagram below from this Baseline Scenario article shows the performance of Trump Vis-a-Vis Hillary Clinton across each race/ethnic group. What’s interesting about this diagram is on the right corner.“As you can see from the right-hand column, Trump did better than Romney among every racial or ethnic group. In fact, if you subtract off how he did among all voters (2 points better than Romney), his performance among whites relative to his overall performance was 1 point worse than Romney’s.”

    Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 8.09.45 AM.png