Personal Finance

“When to fire your financial advisor” – An excellent article from Monika Halan on investing in mutual funds.

This article in mint talks about the savings habits of stars like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Yuvraj sigh among others. It also has links to various articles which could be a fun read.

Monika Halan and Renuka Sane estimate in their working paper that Indian retail investors have lost close to $28 billion dollars in Unit linked insurance schemes. They also find that 99% of banks do not show correct returns for insurance products. This is quite depressing. An article based on their working paper can be found here. Unit linked insurance plans or ULIPs as they are popularly are mostly scams to extract money out of retail investors. It is my observation that IRDAI has generally been pathetically negligent in protecting consumers as compared to SEBI.  Hopefully, at least now IRDAI takes some action in this regard.

Some excellent articles from Financial times. However, since they are behind a paywall I cannot reproduce snippets here.  If you have access to Financial times I would suggest you to through these three articles ([1], [2], [3]).


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