General Collection

  • An article from a year ago which argues that Amazon might have more sales than Flipkart on a standalone basis. With Flipkart about to acquire Snapdeal, and  Myntra and Jabong in its kitty already it is undoubtedly the largest eCommerce player in India.
  • How corrupt are our bankers? – While some macroeconomic factors are responsible for the current Non-Performing Asstes(NPA) crisis in the banking sector some of it is self-inflicted. I know of friends who have worked in infrastructure financing and informed that non-viable infra projects miraculously get viable whenever a politician gets involved. As long as these practices continue the banking system cannot truly get rid of NPAs.
  • GST spurs reordering of centre-state relations – It is a known fact that GST is a monumental event in the history of taxation in India and probably one of the biggest legacies of Modi government. Hopefully, history will be kind to him for implementing GST after the debacle of demonetization. Another aspect of GST which has not received as much attention as it deserves is the impact it has centre-state relations in India.
  • Another article on fake news. I have written articles on similar theme earlier here and here.
  • Article on theoretical models of segregations.

Our results confirm the prediction of Schelling’s original model; that when people are simply tolerant, they still become segregated. But we also found that when people strive for diversity, they are able to achieve integration”

  • This article was written in the context of JNU incident where a lot of people have commented that students should only concentrate their education and not get involved in politics. I am a strong believer in student politics. Many of the best politicians of current times like Chandrababu Naidu, CM of Andhra Pradesh; Arun Jaitley, Central minister etc have come out of student politics. This article about another famous personality who rose from student politics, Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh also was a great supporter of student politics.
  • An old article from when Prof. Raghuram Rajan was still the RBI governor. According to this article, large borrowers will have higher risk weights from here on. This implies banks will have to set aside more capital against loans to these large borrowers. This essentially means the bank will have to increase their equity which is a costlier form of funding to the banks. Therefore they will increase the interest rate on loans for large borrowers. The large borrowers will be then forced to look for cheaper forms of funding like issuing bonds to the public. Theoretically, this sounds like a great move to improve Indian bond market. I am not sure if this has been implemented yet.
  • A good article on issues facing Indian start-up funding.
  • There are few institutions in India which cannot be criticized or at least go unscathed criticizing them. For example, Indian Army, ISRO, DRDO etc. People go crazy whenever someone criticizes them. Nowadays you can be called Anti-national for speaking up against these organizations. Well, Supreme Court of India is one such organization. I strongly believe that its always good to have a healthy skepticism about everything and every organization including Supreme Court. So, It’s good to see an article criticizing supreme court judges.

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