Race, Gender and Job Market

Here is another article in Financial times on race, gender and Job market dynamics. I have written on this issue in this blog here and here.

This article talks about how some institutions are moving towards color/race blind. This means bye-bye to affirmative actions in universities etc. However on the other hand we have people with this opinion

“Ms Hobson believes “we cannot afford to be colour blind”. “We have to be colour brave,” she said in a Ted Talk. “We have to be willing, as teachers and parents and entrepreneurs and scientists . . . to have proactive conversations about race with honesty and understanding and courage.””

“Despite their preference for a multicultural approach, the two academics expect colour-blindness to gain in acceptance, not because people with ethnic minority backgrounds feel victimised by labels, but because white people do.

In a 2011 survey they found that the average white American believes they face more racial bias than African Americans.”

The last line applies even in India where upper caste people feel victimized by the reservations for lower caste people.

P.S Please do check out the full financial times article its very interesting.


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