Institutional Memory

An interesting piece by Arun maira a former member of planning commission on Institutional memory in mint. Whenever I come across some good policy being implemented by some IAS officer or some politician in some part of the country I wonder why this can't be replicated in the rest of the country. This article has … Continue reading Institutional Memory


Algo trading and delisting of illiquid stocks

According to this article SEBI is planning to delist several illiquid stocks(4200) from the Indian stock market. India has a large number of stocks listed in the stock exchanges but almost no trading ever happens in quite a lot of them. And some of these stock are used for illegal transactions. I think this is … Continue reading Algo trading and delisting of illiquid stocks

Race, Gender and Job Market

Here is another article in Financial times on race, gender and Job market dynamics. I have written on this issue in this blog here and here. This article talks about how some institutions are moving towards color/race blind. This means bye-bye to affirmative actions in universities etc. However on the other hand we have people with … Continue reading Race, Gender and Job Market

NSE controversy – Part 2

This article on mint talks about the response of NSE on allegations about which I have written in this blog here. NSE in its response has completely refuted all allegations against it that it favored few brokers over others. "“NSE’s response is rather comprehensive; they have refuted allegations of collusion. They have highlighted that they did … Continue reading NSE controversy – Part 2