Motivation and purpose of this blog

I think it is very important that I write a few lines on the motivation and aim before I kick off the blog.

My introduction to finance has been through some of the articles I have read in the financial press on 2009 financial crisis. As expected most of the stuff in those articles went over my head. It was during this time I have started following blogs by academicians and was impressed by their lucid style of writing. Story cut short, it has been on my mind ever since to start a blog.

The aim of this blog is very simple. Blog as regularly as possible (no assurances) and maintain as lucid style of writing as possible. Rather than always trying to write on all the issues myself I will provide links to various articles from across the web. I will also write short summaries of journal articles from time to time. Most of the articles in this blog will be on Finance, Economics and occasionally on politics.

Finally everyone is welcome to provide feedback/constructively criticize me. I will end this post with a quote from John Maynard Keynes, one of the most influential economist of 20th century.

“The master-economist must possess a rare combination of gifts …. He must be mathematician, historian, statesman, philosopher—in some degree. He must understand symbols and speak in words. He must contemplate the particular, in terms of the general, and touch abstract and concrete in the same flight of thought. He must study the present in the light of the past for the purposes of the future. No part of man’s nature or his institutions must be entirely outside his regard. He must be purposeful and disinterested in a simultaneous mood, as aloof and incorruptible as an artist, yet sometimes as near to earth as a politician.”


Author: Bobbur Abhilash

I am a fourth year Doctoral student in the Finance and Control Department at IIM Calcutta.

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